My zeal for photography started a long time ago with a beautiful blue Polaroid Zip (enter the way-back-machine if you remember THAT one.) Many film rolls and flash cubes later, my passion got a  boost after high school (Go Cheney) with my still functioning Canon AE-1.That SLR served me well for the next ten years, taking great images during my time in the Navy and on into college. While at NAU, I married my sweetie and found plenty of moments to capture. My first black and white class had me spending hours in the darkroom experiencing the wonder of film, solidifying a lifelong passion with photography. 

I’ve been fortunate to shoot headshots, weddings, portraits, theatre, events,  etc., and I’ve taught photography at a summer camp for artists for a few years. I’m comfortable shooting in natural light and with flash, and I have enough high-end professional gear (it actually does matter) to grab studio or location shots.

If you are interested in what you've seen so far, send me a note in the Contact screen and let's chat about what you have in mind. Thanks for stopping by, and "Go Navy!"

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