Photography and You

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you, regardless of who you choose to shoot your wedding. I'm a BIG FAN of marriage, and I hope you're kicking off a relationship that will get better with time. On the photo side, weddings are a  unique experience, with the photographer typically spending more time with Bride and Groom than anyone else on your big day. Additionally, weddings so often create a special venue for once-in-a-lifetime reunions of family and friends, and I intend to wear out my shutter finger capturing as many moments as possible from a photo journalism perspective.

The Bride in Focus

Both bride and groom are equally foundational to the  ceremony, but let's be honest - the bride is kind of central. I know we gents  look  good in a well made suit, but when the bride shows up, she drops  a special "shock and awe" on the event, right? With that, we add something very cool to the day. Along with my photography comes the dedicated  assistance of my lovely wife  Suzanne. She tends to the special needs of the bride alone, whatever those needs might be. Hungry? She'll make sure you don't get faint for lack of food. Concerned about the plan? She'll fix it for you. She's not the wedding planner - she's a special person dedicated to the bride, and her abilities make our images better, and she makes your day better. She is such a cool and necessary addition; you will be so happy for  her presence. 

Our Wedding Service

Suzanne and I got married during college back in the film days (gasp), and all we have of our wedding images are the small prints in the album, and they are tired. As a professional photographer motivated by my own situation, I'm committed to capturing your day and delivering to you full-resolution files good for the long haul.

With the exception of the more creative images we may get using flash (depends on time scheduled for photos), your images will be free of any trendy filtering, because any time you apply a filter to an image, you lose data forever. My thought is to let you do the filtering given most software for tweaking images is free. This results in you having Master copies with all of  the original data that can be tweaked again and again to your liking as photography trends change. Make sense? I will certainly lightly edit the images to get the most accurate representation I can, but any artistic 'mood' you want can be done easily by you.

My style is non-intrusive and photo journalistic, meaning I try not to stand in the way of your family and friends as they enjoy the ceremony. I prefer to capture authentic moments, but we will get posed shots for sure. 

Interested? Do you like coffee? Let me buy you a coffee, and let's chat about weddings and photography - two exciting topics.Really, don't you like free coffee?